Kellie & Brent Nunokawa

We had the pleasure of working with Susan Wang when we sold our townhouse in San Mateo in 2015. Susan came to us with a comprehensive, strategic marketing plan, which we know was instrumental in selling our place for top dollar. We appreciated her organization in preparing our place for sale, advising us on how we could add value, and also coordinating with vendors and contractors to get the work done. Susan not only helped coordinate all of the appointments, but she made it easy for us by meeting the vendors at our house and taking care of our place while we were at work. When we were ready to put our place on the market, we left everything in Susan's capable hands and she was able to sell our place well above asking price in 11 days with a 28 day escrow and 7 offers. Her pricing and marketing plan truly put us a notch above the rest, and we were so grateful. Most importantly, we trusted Susan and knew that she always had our best interests in mind. We give Susan our highest recommendation.

Greg & Cheryl Langford

I have cleaned windows for Susan and her clients for years and I have always appreciated her professionalism when dealing with her as a customer, so much so that my wife and I did not hesitate to choose her as our real estate agent when we were thinking of selling and buying our home. From the initial listing all the way to the final closing, Susan exceeded all of our expectations. She will track down and resolve any detail no matter how small or seemingly trivial. Her attention to detail is unparalleled; from her professional photographer's pictures combined with the expertly designed property information we ended up with multiple offers over asking price.

When it came to buying our home, Susan kept us informed daily about properties, just listed or upcoming to the market, always making herself available to view anything we wanted to see or should see. When we finally found a home, in an extremely competitive market, we were just one among multiple offers. We would have felt a huge amount of stress except for the confidence we had in Susan. Both transactions, selling and buying our home, were seamless with Susan's help.

Not only is she an amazing realtor, she is extremely ethical and a wonderful person. Our opinion was reinforced when meeting other realtors and learning how respected she is within the industry.

Andrew & Daphne Zenk

We are very pleased to write this recommendation for Susan Wang! Her experience, eye for detail, and standout marketing approach will give you an edge in creating a great sales situation. In addition to the sale price - 18% over asking 3 key aspects cemented our belief that Susan is among the best in her business. First she was flexibile with the limited time we had to arrange estimates from stagers and contractors because the property was tenant occupied. She put the burden on herself to make this process as smooth as possible for us to get us to the next step. Second, when it came to prep the property Susan managed a host of repairs & improvements, inspections, painting, cleaning with a quick turnaround. Finally Susan was very effective with marketing. She covered all conventional bases and held additional twilight open house sessions that she felt might bring out the best in our property. And as we had hoped, she arranged for high quality photography of the property - including some great aerial shots that really gave a good sense of the surroundings. We were left very satisfied, thanks to Susan's professionalism, initiative and tenacity!

Sheree Chiang & David Baldridge

It is with absolute pleasure and gratitude that I share my experience in working with Susan Wang. While not possible to quantify the appreciation of my husband and I have to Susan in selling our home in Redwood Shores, there is a number that stands out. She managed to exceed our highest expectations by closing at over 130% of what we hoped. There is no doubt in our minds that it is directly attributed to Susan's expertise in managing each and every aspect of the sales process. Living out of state, we relied heavily on Susan. From guiding us with her knowledge and research on when to list our home, to providing specific and creative strategies on home renovations and affordable staging and making all the arrangements, to crafting innovative marketing approaches, to providing a high-touch approach to all interested parties, she developed and executed a strategy flawlessly. Her efforts reulted in multiple offers and she patiently and diligently walked us through each one. And, she managed to cordinate closing escrow in a delightfully easy way. We could not be more satisfied with the outcome or more grateful to Susan.

Will Connell

I am the executor for my cousin's estate in San Mateo. Susan Wang was responsible for a great deal of work at the property and was always front and center for us in making valuable improvememt suggestions, in managing all the various contractors and their activities. She was always easy to contact and her expertise was so obvious that I had no difficulty in giving her responsibility to effect the needed improvements to the property. Everything was so professional that many offers came quickly. Final pricing was above expectations. Obviously, I can highly recomend Ms. Want to anyone requiring realty representation.

Marshall Swor

Susan Wang represented me from February 2006 as my property manager through October 2012 and then during November & December 2012 as my realtor in the sale of the property. I enthusiastically recommend Susan as both a real estate agent and as a property manager and would use her without question for future transactions. During the sale of the property Susan's professional experience made all the difference. She skillfully guided me through the process of making improvements to the property and then reviewing the multiple offers received. I found over the course of our nearly 7 year-long business relationship that I could trust Susan to always act in my best interest, trying to save me money, make me money and take good care of my property. She has my unqualified recommendation.

Geoff & Mary Molacavage

Susan Wang was first introduced to us by our very good friends 18 years ago. She helped us find the perfect house for us at that time and she became our friend and trusted real estate agent ever since. Susan knows this area like no one else, but what is more important are her ethics. She is honest beyond reproach and she treats buyers, sellers and other agents with respect and fairness. All of these traits make her unique in the industry.

Afer 18 years of living in that beloved house we knew it was time to sell and we returned to Susan for help. She guided us to make the house ready to sell. It took a lot of work on her part and on our part to get the house ready. Her recommendations included inspectors, painters, stagers and contractors. All of whom were excellent. All of her suggested work paid off for us and we sold the house prior to the first open house for considerably over the asking price.

Susan is fantastic to work with and her combination of honesty and effort sets her apart from the rest. Without hesitation we give Susan Wang our highest recommendations as a real estate agent and friend.

Victor Iwamura

I became the executor trustee for one of our members at our temple who passed away suddenly. Having not been in this position before, one of my tasks was to put her house on the market and close her estate. Fortunately Ms. Susan Wang was a member of our temple and what a blessing for me. When I asked for her assistance, she graciously agreed to assist me in getting the house ready for sale and also act as my agent for selling the house. What I thought would be a horrendous task to endure; she mae it easy, surprisingly easy. She used her experience and suggested ways of optimizing the sale of the house. She knew what needed to be done to thehouse to maximize returns with minimal costs. She also knew the right quality people to bring in to get the jobs done. Initially I was just going to dispose of the items in the house but she brought in a team to sell what they could and dispose of the rest. I received money from the estate sale for items I would have just dumped if I had done it on myown. She brought in contractors to get the work done, then stage the house and putit on the market. With her guidance, we sold the house quickly and, the house sold for more than what I had expected. Her experience in the field and her taste for what the market would bare, made the sale of the property easyfor me. I am thankful for all she's done for me and the estate.

Jodi & Francisco Gutierrez

We are so grateful for Susan Wang and her expertise. Back in 2002, Susan helped my mother sell her home of 30 years. The process was quick, easy and above any expectations that my mother had originally had. Ten years later, when my husband and I were looking for our first home, I knew that working with Susan was the natural and best choice. I knew we were in good hands right from the start. Susan is incredibly knowledgeable, patient, and helpful. She took us by the hands and explained everything we needed to know as first-time buyers. She stood by us and worked hard to make sure that we were informed in all of our decisions through countless discussions, phone calls, research, and emails. Susan certainly goes above and beyond the call of duty, and we always felt assured that we could contact her at any time - which is vital while making such a huge decision. I cannot express my gratitude enough for all that she did to make this an amazing experience for us. Her customer service is above and beyond. Even after we settled in to our new home, Susan was there to make sure the transition went smoothly. When it comes to buying or selling a home, working with Susan Wang was the best choice for us, and would be the best choice for anyone.

Janet Zhou

Susan was referred to us by a friend who purchased her home with Susan. She's super knowledgeable. She patiently educated us on things to look for in a home, bringing up many aspects to consider and took the time to understand what were important to us. She never, ever, pressured us into considering offering for homes we weren't sure about. She was honest and straightforward with us throughout the entire process. She helped us to stick to our budget, guided us on how much to offer for homes and earned our trust in a big way. She worked tirelessly to help us figure out what to offer for each house we were interested in, bringing out experts (roofers, plumbers, electricians, etc) to inspect a hosue. That's just amazing! Even after we closed, she has been helping us settling in, doing so many things above and beyond what I would have dreamed an agent would do! She's made an effort to stay in touch and help us in whatever way she can.

In summary, I have talked to agents who were so pushy that I immediately knew I didn't want to work with them. I have purchased a condo in the past, and worked with other agents I liked. But Susan is in a different stratosphere of fantastic. If you are looking for an agent don't waste your time with anyone else, give her a call.

Rene Campos

Real Estate Agents are a dime a dozen, well not really. I had the good fortune to have a friend of mine recommend Susan Wang. At the time I decided to purchase my first home. I was going through some major changes in my life and also challenged with a tight housing market and even tighter budget. Susan took the time to listen to my needs and found several properties that fit within my budget and were more than suitable. After a few short weeks she found a beautiful condo in Redwood Shores that had all the bells and whistles and then some. She made the buying process simple and painless, a total breeze! She also makes an effort to keep in touch and has become a true friend. Without a question a five star experience.

Conni Bruni

Susan made the sale of my parent's home a breeze. This is the second time my husband and I have requested her services to sell a home. I would HIGHLY recommend her to anyone. Her knowledge and attention to detail , even the smallest, was simply amazing. She showed me that she was the type of realtor that knows her market and what needs to be taken care of. She had my best interests at heart and she wanted to be sure that I was protected from anything that could possibly come back at us, down to the last inspection detail. She monitored the information coming in from the buyer and with their realtor, the mortgage company for financing and the information and details needed for closing in a timely manner. She went well out of her way. She took care of it all and I just took her lead. I learned a great deal about selling a home, all the disclosures involved, marketing that she put forth and the legal forms that required signatures. I would not only use Susan in the future but I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a home to purchase or to sell. Great Job Susan!

Tricia Teason & Dariusz Paczuski

Susan is the consummate real estate professional - knowledgeable, thorough, diplomatic and a pleasure to work with. We worked with Susan on the purchase and sale of our first home in Burlingame and most recently to purchase a home in Menlo Park after transferring back to the Bay area. Susan was patient and understood our wants and needs, gently steering us in the right direction and ultimately finding us the right house in the right neighborhood at the right price. Susan made the buying/selling process go very smoothly and she knew how to keep us calm and moving forward with an excellent end-result. We felt she always had our best interests at heart and that she has a lot of integrity. We couldn't have asked for more. We highly recommend Susan to all our friends. You simply cannot find a better, more trustworthy real estate agent.

Kathryn Chan

My siblings and I were presented with the arduous task of selling our parents' home and under these difficult circumstances we had the pleasure of working with Susan as our realtor. Susan is very personable and yet professional. There were many emotions involved in selling our parent's home - a home we grew up in and continued to spend time at regularly throughout our adulthood. Susan came to know each of us and was respectful of our mixed thoughts and feelings as she guided us through the steps of preparing our beloved home for sale. Susan is to be commended for her knowledge, time and personal efforts during the sale. She was always prepared to handle any problems and provide solutions. Our family had such a positive experience working with Susan I heartily recommend her.

Alyssa Wen & Dave Swinehart

We really enjoyed working with Susan to buy our first house. She was very knowledgeable about the areas that we were interested in and she provided great insight on what to look for in the houses that we toured. We had a short closing period of 21 days and Susan expertly managed the process so we could close on time. We loved how accessible she was. Plus she is super nice and patiently answered the millions of questions that we had since we were first time home buyers. We highly recommend her.

Fay B. Ungar

I am so pleased with my new home in Burlingame and owe my happiness to the efforts of Susan. She dilligently searched to find this beautiful home for me. She found this home which was a "short" sale and it proved lengthy and not without "glitches". Susan kept up the phone calls and follow-ups until the final papers were signed. Many thanks to Susan and for her perseverance and follow through with such dedication.

Peter & Kathi Lee

We were under a very tight time constraint and Susan was able to meet and far exceed our expectations. In the current market, Susan's ability to sell our home in six days truly speaks to her dedication and hard work. My husband and I were so impressed with the service she provided that if we ever have any future real estate transactions to complete, Susan and Coldwell Banker will be our first call.

Yan Yu

I will definitely work with Susan Wang if I ever buy or sell again. Susan has an impeccable knowledge of the market and amazing skills in marketing a property. I sold my house at a high price because Susan knew how to show the value of the property to the right buyers.

Angel Gordon

Susan took the time to get to know me personally, and what my concerns, desires, and expectations were. I felt extremely fortunate to have her years of experience, wealth of knowledge and resources and "get-the-job-done" attitude at my disposal. I am truly thrilled with the results of my partnership with Susan and the outstanding caliber of service she has provided. Trust is very important to me, and I trusted that Susan would do her very best for me and she didn't let me down.

Sonja and Tim Mattson

We would like to express our pleasure and gratitude for working with Susan Wang. She has helped us sell two homes in the last few years. The last one was sold in over just a week on the market. Both homes had to do with our parents homes and working with our siblings. It was very difficult times but Susan made it so much easier and all her expertise and kindness helped so much. She made the whole process so much easier and was available at all times to answer any questions or concerns that we had. We will and have already recommended her to many friends.